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Suzuki Swift

Posted by nabeel on February 18, 2010

After a long long time PakSuzuki has finally managed to launch an exciting new car. That’s great news because with a 1.3 liter engine this is the most powerful hatchback in the market.

Performance Figures


Engine Capacity (litre)

Power (bhp)

Torque (Nm)

0-100 kph (sec)

Top Speed (kph)







The Suzuki Swift is renowned all over the world as a great hatchback. Even Tiff Needell from fifth gear is a big fan of this car and that’s BIG praise for a small car. Here’s a video of the Suzuki Swift review from fifth gear.


Previously all the cars with a swift badge from Suzuki have been massive people’s favorites in Pakistan. It’s a shame it took them so long to release the new one here. Anyway hopefully the new swift will join the hall of fame as long as the build quality issues that usually come with all Suzuki cars don’t spoil the fun.


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Pakistan Racer Hunt 2009, Grand Finale

Posted by nabeel on December 2, 2009

The nationwide trials for Pakistan Racer Hunt 2009 have been concluded. Here are your finalists:
1. Hammad Riaz
2. Jawwad Riaz
3. M Abdullah
4. Asad
5. Raja Junaid
6. Syed Hamza
7. Saad Lari
8. Shoaib Ahmed
9. Omar Khan
10. Mahra Bhatti
The final is to be held on Sunday, the 6th December 2009 at Bahria Town, Lahore. The event will also feature a live performance by The Strings, exotic car demonstrations and other fun filled activities. Members are requested to book their invitations by calling us at 03227740909. Due to security reasons, there will be absolutely no entry without a guest pass.


Through a lucky draw, 2 guests will get a chance to meet The Strings 1-on-1 for tea and 3 guests will get a chance to test out our Racing Karts on the PRH circuit.

The entry is free of costs but due to limited space, invitations will be given out on a first come first served basis.

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Video of the day: Nissan 350z doing some proper donuts

Posted by nabeel on November 20, 2009

Here’s a dude from Islamabad who loves doing donuts in his turbocharged Nissan 350Z on city round abouts. And He is pretty good at it. In the first video you can also spot a Hummer and a Mustang in the background if you’re a bit eagle-eyed.

In this next video the cameraman has found a better position (in the round about) although it would help if he could just stay quite and focus at the job in hand.

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Electric Suzuki Mehran

Posted by nabeel on November 12, 2009


Remember the time when you first heard of a CNG powered car?

Well I can’t. Because back then nobody could have guessed what a mammoth revolution was coming our way with these three letters. Today as we know, everything runs on CNG. I’ve even seen a couple of sports cars running on CNG around town.

Well this could be the moment when history starts to repeat itself. So listen carefully!
A chap named Faraz Ruknuddin Khan has turned his Suzuki Mehran into an electric vehicle and nick named it, the Elektra-1. Going electric means that the car’s engine is replaced with a simple DC motor and some batteries. And it’s not just the engine that gets sacked, you can also get rid of the clutch, the exhaust, the fuel injection and your mechanic. Electric cars only have one moving part which is the DC motor and that’s it. The Elektra-1 is also amazingly economical. According to Faraz the Elektra-1 can be as economical as the equivalent of up to 133 km in a liter of petrol which is fantastic. Electric cars are also very environmentally friendly as they are completely silent and produce zero emissions. In short, the advantages are endless.

The major drawbacks of electric cars are that they have to be charged over night and they don’t usually have a very long range. The only way to fix these problems is to use better batteries which are presumably rather expensive.
So the Elektra-1 being a backyard project is not extremely practical yet. It has a range of 30 km per charge and the motor produces 22 hp which can be upgraded to 30 but still less than a standard Mehran’s 38 hp engine. However Mr. Faraz has plans to address these issues in his next project car, the Elektra-2 which could produce 70 hp and reach speeds of up to 110 kph. We’ll surely be looking forward to that.

Good work Mr. Faraz! And best of luck for the future projects.

For latest news about this project, visit

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Pakistan Racer Hunt

Posted by nabeel on November 6, 2009


The Pakistan Racer Hunt has made its way through Islamabad and Lahore with some extremely competetive qualifying rounds. Karachi is next where the qualifying sessions will be held in Mid November. And at the end 10 qualifiers from all three cities will race each other in Lahore.

The turn out of extremely competetive racing enthusiasts so far has been beyond everyone’s expectations. With all the lack of motorsports in Pakistan and the lack of awareness about it, Pakistan Racer Hunt is definitely a step in the right direction. Having participated myself, I can tell you that track racing and especially go-karting is one heck of an adrenaline pumping thrill ride. In terms of sheer excitement a go-kart is in a different league from any other road car. If you consider yourself a petrol-head you should definitely make it a top priority to get a ride in one of these.

Here’s a photo gallery from the qualifying session in Lahore…

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Chevrolet Joy

Posted by nabeel on October 12, 2009

chevrolet joychevrolet joy interior

The Chevrolet Joy is aimed at a group of people who like to buy a smart and reasonably priced car that is up to date with the modern world. It offers features like CD/mp3 player, rear seat belts, power windows and  mirrors which are miles ahead of what all the other cars in the same budget range have to offer. The performance and fuel economy figures are also very impressive.

This car is not very popular in the used car market yet. In the future however, I’m sure it will gain more popularity. So you can get a good bargain if you are planning to buy a used one of these right now.

Engine Capacity (litre) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed (kph)
1.0 63 88 14.8 152


Performance 9/10 Class leading
Grip & handling 8/10 Very good
Space & Comfort 8/10 Very good
Reliability 8/10 Great
Fuel economy 8/10 Extraordinary
Maintenance 6/10 Slightly more expensive than other rivals
Resale 5/10 Reasonable
Price 9/10 Best price in its class
Equipment 8/10 Very well equipped
Build quality 9/10 Great

Current Prices

September 2009
Joy Rs. 634,000
Joy with Custom-Designed CNG Kit Rs. 674,000

For latest prices visit Chevrolet Website


  • Toyota Vitz
  • Hyundai Santro
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Suzuki Cultus


This car definitely offers the best value for money among its rivals in the same budget range.

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Pakistan Express Racing Team

Posted by nabeel on October 7, 2009


How many Pakistani racing teams have you ever heard of? Better than that, how many championship winning Pakistani racing teams have you ever heard of?

Here’s one…

“Pakistan Express Racing Team was established in 2008 by Faisal Ahmad.  The team competes in the NASA Performance Touring series in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions.  Our mission is to raise awareness of motor sports in and to bring the excitement of motor racing to Pakistan.”

And they’ve just won the NASA great lakes championship title of 2009. When I say NASA it doesn’t mean the one with the satellites and the space shuttles. This NASA stands for National Auto Sport Association.

Anyway, well done Pakistan Express team and best of luck.

watch this video report about the PakExp team prepared by NASA.

You can also visit the team website


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A Race track is born!

Posted by nabeel on September 17, 2009


Islamabad race track

Islamabad race track

I once said in one of my articles, that the reason why no one has ever built a racetrack in Pakistan is because the  Pakistani land has been cursed by some Martians so that no one can ever build a racetrack here.

Well, it seems that the Martians visit my blog quite regularly. Because they’ve finally lifted the unbreakable curse from Pakistan. Islamabad is now home to the first ever racetrack of Pakistan. This is great news for all the Pakistani motorsports enthusiasts as well as the thousands of people who own really expensive sports cars but can’t really use them for anything more than posing.

So far all I know about this racetrack is that it is located near Rawal lake at Lake View Park in Islamabad and it is only 1.5 km long. The first race of this track is being held in October.

Thanks Martians!


Track Layout

Track Layout

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Pakistan Racer Hunt ’09

Posted by nabeel on September 12, 2009


The Racing Pakistan team is back with a change. After a number of go kart endurance races, this time they are on a talent hunt. The idea is that there will be three qualifying rounds in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. And at the end there will be a grand finale in which the top 10 racing drivers from all three cities will race against each other. There are handsome prizes for the podium finishers and a racing contract for the winner.

For details visit

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Toyota Vitz Review

Posted by nabeel on August 26, 2009


There are two kinds of car buyers in Pakistan, those who want quality, and those who want a Suzuki. The Toyota Vitz has made life much better for the quality buyers as it introduced a whole new benchmark of quality in Pakistan at least in the small car market. And it’s also the best all rounder in the market because it’s smart, comfortable, spacious, safe, well equipped and well built.

But the people who import these cars are taking a big advantage of the ever rising demand for these cars. Prices have been more than doubled since the time it was first introduced here in Pakistan.

Engine Capacity (litre) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed (kph)
1.0 68 95 15.7 154


Performance 8/10 Great
Grip & handling 9/10 Amazing
Space & Comfort 9/10 Best in its class
Reliability 9/10 Great
Fuel economy 9/10 Great
Maintenance 7/10 Slightly expensive
Resale 10/10 For sure
Price 5/10 expensive but good value for money
Equipment 8/10 Best in its class
Build quality 9/10 Best in its class


  • Chevrolet Joy
  • Hyundai Santro
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Suzuki Cultus


This car easily beats all of its rivals in every way except the price which is over the top.

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