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Chevrolet Joy

Posted by nabeel on October 12, 2009

chevrolet joychevrolet joy interior

The Chevrolet Joy is aimed at a group of people who like to buy a smart and reasonably priced car that is up to date with the modern world. It offers features like CD/mp3 player, rear seat belts, power windows and  mirrors which are miles ahead of what all the other cars in the same budget range have to offer. The performance and fuel economy figures are also very impressive.

This car is not very popular in the used car market yet. In the future however, I’m sure it will gain more popularity. So you can get a good bargain if you are planning to buy a used one of these right now.

Engine Capacity (litre) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed (kph)
1.0 63 88 14.8 152


Performance 9/10 Class leading
Grip & handling 8/10 Very good
Space & Comfort 8/10 Very good
Reliability 8/10 Great
Fuel economy 8/10 Extraordinary
Maintenance 6/10 Slightly more expensive than other rivals
Resale 5/10 Reasonable
Price 9/10 Best price in its class
Equipment 8/10 Very well equipped
Build quality 9/10 Great

Current Prices

September 2009
Joy Rs. 634,000
Joy with Custom-Designed CNG Kit Rs. 674,000

For latest prices visit Chevrolet Website


  • Toyota Vitz
  • Hyundai Santro
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Suzuki Cultus


This car definitely offers the best value for money among its rivals in the same budget range.


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Toyota Vitz Review

Posted by nabeel on August 26, 2009


There are two kinds of car buyers in Pakistan, those who want quality, and those who want a Suzuki. The Toyota Vitz has made life much better for the quality buyers as it introduced a whole new benchmark of quality in Pakistan at least in the small car market. And it’s also the best all rounder in the market because it’s smart, comfortable, spacious, safe, well equipped and well built.

But the people who import these cars are taking a big advantage of the ever rising demand for these cars. Prices have been more than doubled since the time it was first introduced here in Pakistan.

Engine Capacity (litre) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed (kph)
1.0 68 95 15.7 154


Performance 8/10 Great
Grip & handling 9/10 Amazing
Space & Comfort 9/10 Best in its class
Reliability 9/10 Great
Fuel economy 9/10 Great
Maintenance 7/10 Slightly expensive
Resale 10/10 For sure
Price 5/10 expensive but good value for money
Equipment 8/10 Best in its class
Build quality 9/10 Best in its class


  • Chevrolet Joy
  • Hyundai Santro
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Suzuki Cultus


This car easily beats all of its rivals in every way except the price which is over the top.

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Daihatsu Cuore Review

Posted by nabeel on April 22, 2009



The Daihatsu cuore is a car from the 90’s so it doesn’t feel like a modern car at all. It was built to be basic and cheap and it sure is basic, but cheap…I don’t think so.

Even the engineers at the daihatsu dealership admit that this car has some design faults which can’t be fixed especially some clutch related issues. Apart from that it is very reliable and easy to maintain and it’s always welcome in the second hand car market.

Engine Capacity (litre) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed (kph)
0.8 40 65 15.6 135

Score Remarks
Performance 7/10 Lack of weight covers up well for the lack of power
Grip & handling 5/10

Not great

Comfort 5/10 Poor
Reliability 8/10 Very good
Fuel economy 7/10 Let down by its prehistoric fuel injection system
Maintenance 8/10 Easy to maintain
Price 4/10

Too expensive

Resale 9/10 Anytime
Equipment 5/10 Bare minimum




  • Chevrolet Joy
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Chery QQ
  • Suzuki Mehran


Cuore is not a bad car but you can get a much better car within the same budget.

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Made in China

Posted by nabeel on March 16, 2009

Made in China

Made in China

These days you can buy a Chinese fake version of almost anything for a fraction of the price of the original.

You can buy a carbon copy of the Honda 70 for half the price, or an iPhone look-a-like with a logo that shows an apple eaten from all sides…

Even cars from Chinese brands are not that uncommon these days.

Chery is one of the leading car makers from China. Their 800cc car “QQ” is

Chery QQ

Chery QQ

becoming quite popular in Pakistan. And you have to give them the credit for making a car that offers a much better build quality, performance and more features than its rivals. And the best part is that even the top-spec model of this car costs nearly the same as the cheapest Suzuki Mehran, which, as we all know, is made of used tin foil.

The only thing that lets this car down is its looks. But don’t forget that Mehran doesn’t exactly look like the Mona Lisa either.

But I’m not very interested in talking about 800cc family cars right now. I want to talk about a car, made in China, which has just two seats, an electric folding roof and a 2.0 liter, 195 bhp, turbo-charged, petrol engine. Yes, Chinese sports cars are coming our way…

For those of you with large bank accounts and a fleet of cars parked outside, this might not be something to look forward to. But it is a very exciting piece of news for petrol-heads like me who love cheap thrills.

Chery M14

Chery M14

It’s called the Chery M14. It was introduced back in 2006 as a concept car. Designed by a car designer from Pininfarina, it was displayed in several car shows around the world and received a lot of appreciation from the public. It was promised that its mass production will start by the end of 2007. But it didn’t. And strangely after spending so much time and money designing and advertising this much awaited car, it seems that Chery have suddenly backed out of the cheap sports car business. There are no mentions about this car on their global website and the Chery Pakistan website lists it as an “upcoming model” whose mass production will start in 2007.

If this car ever goes into production, it will cost around $19,000 which roughly equates to 1.5 million (15 lac) rupees. For a car like this, trust me, it’s the biggest bargain in the world.

M14 interior

M14 interior

I know what you are thinking…you’re thinking that it will have a crap build quality like everything else made in China. Well, think again…because it can’t possibly get worse than the cars we are already used to, like the Suzuki Cultus or Toyota Corolla XLi which happen to be two of the highest selling cars in Pakistan. If we can live with these cars, we can live with anything. Bring it on Chery!

Let’s hope that the M14 goes into production soon and then other car companies from China also join the competition.

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