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Suzuki Swift

Posted by nabeel on February 18, 2010

After a long long time PakSuzuki has finally managed to launch an exciting new car. That’s great news because with a 1.3 liter engine this is the most powerful hatchback in the market.

Performance Figures


Engine Capacity (litre)

Power (bhp)

Torque (Nm)

0-100 kph (sec)

Top Speed (kph)







The Suzuki Swift is renowned all over the world as a great hatchback. Even Tiff Needell from fifth gear is a big fan of this car and that’s BIG praise for a small car. Here’s a video of the Suzuki Swift review from fifth gear.


Previously all the cars with a swift badge from Suzuki have been massive people’s favorites in Pakistan. It’s a shame it took them so long to release the new one here. Anyway hopefully the new swift will join the hall of fame as long as the build quality issues that usually come with all Suzuki cars don’t spoil the fun.


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Pakistan Express Racing Team

Posted by nabeel on October 7, 2009


How many Pakistani racing teams have you ever heard of? Better than that, how many championship winning Pakistani racing teams have you ever heard of?

Here’s one…

“Pakistan Express Racing Team was established in 2008 by Faisal Ahmad.  The team competes in the NASA Performance Touring series in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions.  Our mission is to raise awareness of motor sports in and to bring the excitement of motor racing to Pakistan.”

And they’ve just won the NASA great lakes championship title of 2009. When I say NASA it doesn’t mean the one with the satellites and the space shuttles. This NASA stands for National Auto Sport Association.

Anyway, well done Pakistan Express team and best of luck.

watch this video report about the PakExp team prepared by NASA.

You can also visit the team website


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Traffic cameras in Karachi

Posted by nabeel on September 28, 2009

Here’s a public awareness video message from the City District Government of Karachi. It features some horrible road accidents captured by their traffic cameras on the roads of Karachi. The footage from these cameras should be very helpful in the investigations after such accidents.

It’s a good thing to know that finally some local government is beginning to take notice of a major public safety issue. Local governments from other cities should also take notice of this safety issue.

Drive safe!

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A Race track is born!

Posted by nabeel on September 17, 2009


Islamabad race track

Islamabad race track

I once said in one of my articles, that the reason why no one has ever built a racetrack in Pakistan is because the  Pakistani land has been cursed by some Martians so that no one can ever build a racetrack here.

Well, it seems that the Martians visit my blog quite regularly. Because they’ve finally lifted the unbreakable curse from Pakistan. Islamabad is now home to the first ever racetrack of Pakistan. This is great news for all the Pakistani motorsports enthusiasts as well as the thousands of people who own really expensive sports cars but can’t really use them for anything more than posing.

So far all I know about this racetrack is that it is located near Rawal lake at Lake View Park in Islamabad and it is only 1.5 km long. The first race of this track is being held in October.

Thanks Martians!


Track Layout

Track Layout

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Pakistan Racer Hunt ’09

Posted by nabeel on September 12, 2009


The Racing Pakistan team is back with a change. After a number of go kart endurance races, this time they are on a talent hunt. The idea is that there will be three qualifying rounds in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. And at the end there will be a grand finale in which the top 10 racing drivers from all three cities will race against each other. There are handsome prizes for the podium finishers and a racing contract for the winner.

For details visit

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Pakistan is now on google maps

Posted by nabeel on May 27, 2009

google maps

Have you ever had to ask ten different guys on the street for directions, out of which at least eight led you in the wrong direction with full confidence?

Well now you can look up where you are going at google maps before you set off. And better still you can also look up google maps on your cellular phone. For that you can go to on your mobile and install the google maps application. The best  feature in this mobile application is that even if your phone does not have GPS, it can tell your current location within a range of a couple of kilometers at max using your cellular network (not magic).

The rest of the world has had this facility for ages but Pakistan has only recently been included in the google maps database. The road map of Pakistan was developed completely by volunteers in an amazingly short period of time. You can also contibute in this map by adding places. If you want to contribute go to You can also use the ‘get directions’ feature on google mapmaker which is not yet available on google maps for Pakistan.

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