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Electric Suzuki Mehran

Posted by nabeel on November 12, 2009


Remember the time when you first heard of a CNG powered car?

Well I can’t. Because back then nobody could have guessed what a mammoth revolution was coming our way with these three letters. Today as we know, everything runs on CNG. I’ve even seen a couple of sports cars running on CNG around town.

Well this could be the moment when history starts to repeat itself. So listen carefully!
A chap named Faraz Ruknuddin Khan has turned his Suzuki Mehran into an electric vehicle and nick named it, the Elektra-1. Going electric means that the car’s engine is replaced with a simple DC motor and some batteries. And it’s not just the engine that gets sacked, you can also get rid of the clutch, the exhaust, the fuel injection and your mechanic. Electric cars only have one moving part which is the DC motor and that’s it. The Elektra-1 is also amazingly economical. According to Faraz the Elektra-1 can be as economical as the equivalent of up to 133 km in a liter of petrol which is fantastic. Electric cars are also very environmentally friendly as they are completely silent and produce zero emissions. In short, the advantages are endless.

The major drawbacks of electric cars are that they have to be charged over night and they don’t usually have a very long range. The only way to fix these problems is to use better batteries which are presumably rather expensive.
So the Elektra-1 being a backyard project is not extremely practical yet. It has a range of 30 km per charge and the motor produces 22 hp which can be upgraded to 30 but still less than a standard Mehran’s 38 hp engine. However Mr. Faraz has plans to address these issues in his next project car, the Elektra-2 which could produce 70 hp and reach speeds of up to 110 kph. We’ll surely be looking forward to that.

Good work Mr. Faraz! And best of luck for the future projects.

For latest news about this project, visit

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2 Responses to “Electric Suzuki Mehran”

  1. Faraz Khan said


    Thanks for covering this.

    Apparently my car is getting popular. This is excellent since I want the world to know that it IS possible to produce an electric car in pakistan without outside help!.

    Here is the article on evworld (thanks to William!):

    And here is my France24 TV Interview:

  2. After reading

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