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The so called “TopGear” car show…

Posted by nabeel on May 16, 2009


After a number of delays the so called “TopGear” car show is finally going to be held tomorrow (Sunday May 17th, 2009) at Walton Airbase in Lahore. It will be a combination of Drag racing and a sort of car show where you will be able to admire some really cool exotic cars. Sounds great!

I’m not sure if the the event goes by the name of “TopGear” or “Fast & Furious” but either way i’m not a big fan of their “innovative” name choice.

Anyway, I hope that it’s better organized and more exciting than the recently held TDCP drag race (which was a big mess…)


2 Responses to “The so called “TopGear” car show…”

  1. Alta said

    was a bigger mess from what i have read on

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