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Daihatsu Cuore Review

Posted by nabeel on April 22, 2009



The Daihatsu cuore is a car from the 90’s so it doesn’t feel like a modern car at all. It was built to be basic and cheap and it sure is basic, but cheap…I don’t think so.

Even the engineers at the daihatsu dealership admit that this car has some design faults which can’t be fixed especially some clutch related issues. Apart from that it is very reliable and easy to maintain and it’s always welcome in the second hand car market.

Engine Capacity (litre) Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) 0-100 kph (sec) Top Speed (kph)
0.8 40 65 15.6 135

Score Remarks
Performance 7/10 Lack of weight covers up well for the lack of power
Grip & handling 5/10

Not great

Comfort 5/10 Poor
Reliability 8/10 Very good
Fuel economy 7/10 Let down by its prehistoric fuel injection system
Maintenance 8/10 Easy to maintain
Price 4/10

Too expensive

Resale 9/10 Anytime
Equipment 5/10 Bare minimum




  • Chevrolet Joy
  • Suzuki Alto
  • Chery QQ
  • Suzuki Mehran


Cuore is not a bad car but you can get a much better car within the same budget.

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3 Responses to “Daihatsu Cuore Review”

  1. Aqeel said

    This is an 800cc car. How come Vitz or Alto are in the rivals list? and why is Mehran not in the rivals list?

    I agree with majority of items in the score table except the comfort. It deserves a 6 if not an 8. It is MUCH MORE comfortable compared to Mehran. I know it gave you a backache but Mehran would have given you a headache, toothache and body aches in addition to the typical mehran-spinal-injury 🙂

    • nabeel said

      well i listed the rivals according to the budget range not engine capacity coz i thought that would be more useful.
      and mehran doesn’t fall in the same price category, it’s much cheaper than cuore. but anyway im gonna add mehran in the list

      • nabeel said

        and since you brought it up, i have to say that mehran’s ancient leaf springs or “kamanian” work great if you go over potholes at top speed. honestly it feels like a rolls royce if you keep your right foot glued to the floor 😀

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